Johanna Lim

Grade: 12
ID Number: 24210


Johanna Lim is a senior at Arcadia High School and a returning member to Apache News. In her second and final year in Apache News, Johanna, along with Sabrina Layson, has mostly worked organizing the Sports section, making it both informative and fun, while including a new segment: LA Sports and helping to smoothly transition the Sports segment to being live. When she is not working on sports stories, Johanna enjoys working on informative news stories about current events, interactive stories about events that could be attended in the community, or show intros. Johanna has worked on Apache News sports live streams for three years and has often made player cards for different types of Arcadia sports teams. She is currently in charge of Apache New's team of students who organize sound for school events. She is also an expert with Microsoft Excel, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop. Johanna has also interviewed influential people such as Grammy-Award Winner Steve Tyrell, Mayor of Arcadia Sho Tay, and many more. Her hobbies outside of Apache News include baking or cooking, playing board games with family and friends, and making her own videos during her free time.

Videos Johanna Lim worked on: