Safia Malik

Grade: 11
ID Number: 40737


Safia (pronounced SUH-FEE-YAH) is a sophomore and a first time member of APN. Safia has always been interested in anything having to do with a camera, but her first real experience was in the 6th grade as a part of her middle school's TV Crew. Safia first started working with APN during her freshman year, helping out and learning about various positions during sports live-streams. Those experiences led her to the job of technical director, a useful position both in and out of the studio. But that's not all she likes to do. Safia has been an active competitor in her Brazilian jiu-jitsue community for over 6 years, she loves art (especially calligraphy,) is an avid biker and skater, and loves to hang out with her kitten.

Videos Safia Malik worked on: