APN 2020-2021 Show 1: From Our Homes to Yours. Welcome Back Arcadia!

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Thank you for Nirvana Indian Cuisine for sponsoring this week’s show! Use code “ArcadiaHigh” for 20% off your next meal! If you would like to sponsor our weekly shows, you can email apachenews@ausd.net!

Table of Contents

Story 1: West Coast Fires - Kevin Wu, Lawrence Sung, Andrew Liu & Riley Kovacev
Story 2: Thoughts on Distance Learning - Jacky Liang & Kevin Wu
Story 3: TikTok Ban - Felix Chen, Junyi Zou, & Tharun Saravanakumar
Nirvana Advertisement: Quinn Hettich, Wilson Pang, & Jacky Liang
Story 4: L.A. Sports Domination - Harrison Meyers & Clara Montenegro
Story 5: Ms. Dillman Interview - Giselle Lai & Safia Malik

Story Credits: Safia Malik

Executive Producer: Andrew Liu
Assistant producer: Safia Malik
Director: Quinn Hettich
Anchors: Clara Montenegro & Harrison Meyers
Sports Producer: Clara Montenegro & Harrison Meyers
Graphics: Mr. Sunez
Featured Guests: Principal Dillman
Advisor: Frank Sunez

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